The Left

Two Stage Solution

Idiot-left opportunists like comrade Bob Pitt (aka ‘Martin Sullivan’) of Islamophobia-Watch tie themselves in knots because their world outlook is fundamentally racist. They have an inability to judge whether what someone did or did, or whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, or whether someone is worthy of praise or criticism unless they know the races of all involved. What colour is the person who did it? What race is the person who said it? Who are their critics and supporters – what colour? What race?

And, increasingly they judge religion (and religious demands) based on what colour the adherents of that religion are. It is racism pure and simple. The cause of anti-racism is served by those who regard all humans as equal – equal in virtue, intelligence and grace, equal in stupidity, vice and corruption.

The SPW/Respect gang, for example, recruited councilors from, the Asian ‘community’ with the bizarre belief that that person’s race, ethnicity, colour, automatically determined their politics. But now we see some defecting to The Tories. Wasn’t this obvious from the start to those who argued that social conservative religous views would not comfortably fit in on the Left? But the idiot-Left – of course – didn’t stop to ask. The person’s colour told them everything – they thought – they needed to know.

So, now we get to the bizarre lack of joined-up-thinking on free speech and so-called “no platform”.

Over to Comrade Pitt (from February last year):

BBC Leicester gives platform to fascist: It is of course absolute disgrace that Collett should be given a platform by a publicly funded radio station. This is the man who called asylum seekers “cockroaches” and urged cheering BNP supporters to “show ethnics the door in 2004”. A couple of years earlier he stated his admiration for Nazi Germany.

And now from yesterday (one year later):

East London Advertiser wins ban on Hizb ut-Tahrir: The meeting in question, at the London Muslim Centre on 26 February, is a debate on the subject “Has Political Participation Failed British Muslims?” and poses the question: “Should Muslims become more politically active or should they shun politics altogether?” So by their stupid witch-hunt of Hizb ut-Tahrir the East London Advertiser has in fact removed the opportunity for Osama Saeed to publicly take on and defeat HT’s abstentionist arguments. And who precisely will gain from that?

So, why does Pitt and Islamophobia-Watch believe that an audience can be swayed against the policies of HuT by rational argument, but that solid argument and sensible alternatives can’t be presented to beat back the BNP?

Is it that he thinks the white-supremacist BNP are too clever to be defeated by rational argument, or is it that he believes the Muslim-supremacist HuT are too stupid to really believe what they say or to defend their convictions?

If through “No Platform” sensible people are not allowed “to publicly take on and defeat” the extremist views of the BNP, who, to throw Pitt’s words back at him, “will gain from that?”