Anti Fascism

“Lenin” Consorts With the Funder of Holocaust Denier, David Irving

“Lenin”, of Lenin’s Tomb bored some poor unsuspecting MPACuk activists at a conference this Sunday. He says:

I was invited to give a talk to MPAC activists on Sunday, about combatting Islamophobia in the ‘new media’. Well, I thought, you’ve asked for it. I accepted the invitation, fully intending to be the extremist of the day, which wasn’t that difficult given how moderate the other speakers appeared to be.

… blah blah blah…

Anyway, best of luck to MPAC in all of their efforts, and long may they rile the government and its internet claque.

MPACuk is an organisation which was founded, and is run by the funder of the neo-Nazi Holocaust Denier, David Irving: Asghar Bukhari. The MPACuk site runs material culled from neo-Nazi websites.

The Socialist Workers’ Party, in which “Lenin” is a prominent activist, has a policy of “no platforming” racists and fascists.

How strange, then, that “Lenin” is deleting all references to the link between the organisation he addressed, and fascism.

(Hat tip: tim)