Dress Down Friday

The Sectret Diary of P Doherty of Babyshables

Holy Moly’s weekly column, “Backe On The Drugges Agane” – an inspired Molesworth-style parody of the doings of celebrity drug addict, Pete Doherty, is the highlight of my Friday.

Here’s a brief extract:

“Coo brr cuogh shivver urgh i tel you WOT it is no good this time of yere with the COLD and the DARK and the ceseless INQIRIES o peat you were not in the PAPES this morning are you finnished and on the SCRAPP HEAP of HIST.? hav you DYED? is it all about JACK PENARTY now? and simelar. it drive one up the wall.

menewile everbode sa o peat come to a amazing xmas party in shawditch it will be wizzard topp and jolly d. then they make a lot of terible jokes about “SNOW” and “WHITE STUFF” and “LARGE AMOUNTS OF KOCANE TO BE INJESTED NASELY” as if nobode hav ever don those gags befor the grate WEEDS it is unbearabel.

Enjoy the rest.