Carole Vincent: Big Brother would like to talk to you

What is it about Big Brother and RESPECT?

First George.

Now Carole Vincent – former contestant in Big Brother 8 has gravitated towards the SWP-RESPECT groupuscle:

Carole Vincent is standing for election as councillor in the Leyton ward of Waltham Forest, north east London. The by-election is being held on Thursday 14 February and local activists are asking for as much help as possible. There are hopes of giving Labour a Valentine’s Day shock. We need help with canvassing, leafleting, and all aspects of election work. We’re also pretty short of cash! Contact Mike on XXXXX or check the diary on this website for details of how you can get involved.

In BB8, she came 5th.

I expect she’ll do as well in the forthcoming election.

(Hat tip: Pangloss)