“Queen and Country” debate

Speaking of silly Oxford Union debates, check out this one scheduled for February 7:

This House Would Under No Circumstances Fight For Queen And Country

In Proposition –
George Galloway MP
Walter Wolfgang
Scilla Elworthy
Brian Haw

In Opposition –
Prof Michael Clarke
Air Chief Marshall Sir Jock Stirrup
Nick Harvey MP

This is, I suppose, intended as an updated version of the famous Oxford Union debate of February 9, 1933, about a week after Hitler took power in Germany. The resolution– “That this House will in no circumstances fight for its King and Country”– was passed by 275 votes to 153. Given the events of the subsequent 12 years, I would think some people– unless they are pacifists– would be a bit uncomfortable about the historical connotations.

Now I don’t know about the other proponents, but Galloway is clearly no pacifist– especially when it comes to supporting enemies of the US and Israel. On the other hand Galloway has expressed admiration for the Allied soldiers who fought the Nazis in World War II– some of them, presumably, “for King and country.” So what will Galloway argue: that it’s okay to fight in defense of Britain, as long as it’s for a cause other than Queen and country?

(Hat tip: unseen.)