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New Hampshire Primary

At Mike’s request, here’s an open thread to discuss today’s New Hampshire Primary results, as they come in.

Go on, you know you want to.

GORDON ADDS: Worth highlighting the CiF piece Mike posted in the comments below. Michael Tomasky in The Clinton rebellion gives his five cents worth on how women voters won it for Hiliary Clinton last night in New Hampshire.

It echoes the David Aaronovitch piece I posted yesterday on misogyny.

Tomasky says: “I think it was mostly a rebellion by women voters against the media. Most major media outlets had written Clinton’s obituary and could barely conceal their joy in doing so. And voters, especially women voters, said: not so fast.

“I’ve seen this happen before. In the fall of 2000, she debated her opponent in the race for the New York senate seat she won that year. The opponent, Rick Lazio, strode over to her podium and wagged his finger in her face. The media loved the moment, thought Lazio looked tough and declared him the winner.

“But over the next couple days, it emerged in polling that people, especially women, thought Clinton had won the debate. The media missed what had really happened, and reported with glee on Clinton’s alleged comeuppance.”

David T adds:

Eric Lee says – don’t write off John Edwards:

The one thing we can be certain about in this election year is that the polls are completely wrong and cannot be trusted. Ignore what they say. Let’s rely on reason and experience — and those tell us Edwards should do well in, and possibly win, the next primary.

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