Thuggism 2007

The Weekly Worker, the organ of the pretend CPGB, reports:

On July 7, the second full day of this year’s Marxism, SWP national organiser Martin Smith physically assaulted Communist Party comrade, Simon D. The attack occurred while our comrade was waiting for the session on ‘Organising for fighting unions’ to begin.

You will remember that “Simon D.” was formerly a member of the SWP, but was expelled by Martin Smith for making public the difficulty that the SWP was having in getting their senior party officials nominated by local RESPECT members as candidates.

Odd event, Marxism 2007.

It seems that you’re welcome there if you’re a playwright like Tom Stoppard, or singer songwriter like Billy Bragg, or a jihad enthusiast like Moazzam Begg, or a professional lunatic like Yvonne Ridley, or a racist crank like Gilad Atzmon, or his personal nemesis, Kids’ Laureate and “Jewish Power activist”, Michael Rosen.

However, ex-members of the Socialist Workers’ Party can expect a personal drubbing at the hands of the SWP Central Committee.