A Free Gift From Harry’s Place and Inayat Bunglawala

Harry’s Place is pleased to offer all its readers a free gift.


Click on the picture above to download a lovely full size “Hamas” poster, containing an airbrush picture of an AK-47 and bearing the text:

Let those who fight in the Cause of God,
Who sell the life of This World
For the Hereafter
For unto him who fights in the Cause of God
Whether he is slain or gets victory,
We shall in time grant a mighty reward.”
– Al Qur’an 4:74

The poster was originally the centrefold give-away, distributed in Trends magazine.

Trends magazine was edited by Inayat Bungalawala, who was also a columnist. We’ll be reprinting some of Inayat’s “Trends” columns over the next few days.

Journalist, Shiv Malik confronted Inayat Bunglawala with the inclusion of this poster in Trends Magazine on Newsnight on Tuesday night. Bunglawala looked confused and uncomfortable, as well he might.

Is it any surprise that, however much their spokesmen claim to deplore terrorism, the Government will have nothing to do with the Muslim Council of Britain?