Johnston released

BBC correspondent Alan Johnston has been freed by his captors in Gaza after his abduction nearly four months ago.

This is great news. Blair hasn’t even begun his new role as UN Middle East Envoy and already he’s working his magic.

I’m joking. I think. It’s getting harder to tell these days.

One of the benefits of suffering insomnia is that you pick up sccops like this once in a while when all your blogging colleagues are tucked up asleep.

Sleep. What is this ‘sleep’?

Seriously, terrific news which nearly had me smiling as much as this (scroll to the bottom):

Everton’s official website had the club’s fans in raptures after announcing the signature of Argentine superstar Juan Roman Riquelme, ony for disappointment to hammer home when it was revealed the story was untrue and had been part of some test data which had been displayed in error.

Hehe. Haha. Hoho.

I’m so tired I want to kill myself. Can an adult overdose on Calpol?