Anti Fascism

IHRC Chanting Fest

Sadly, I missed the much trailed “Enough!” demonstration of Islamists, kitsch-leftists, Quakers, and maniacs from Neturei Karta this Saturday.

Apparently it was a bit of a damp squib, with rather fewer than the 40,000 demonstrators the organisers had expected.

I expect that the sort of thing which puts most people off going to demonstrations organised by these fools is spectacles such as this:

I’m told that the chanters include Reza Kazim, and Massoud Shadjareh the chair of the so called “Islamic Human Rights Commission”.

I wonder why news outlets persist in treating this organisation as anything other than the bunch of Khomenist Hizbullah cheerleaders which it clearly is.

I wonder if anybody would like to transcribe and, where necessary, translate the chants.