Do Something!

Will Someone Please Think of the Children?

Well, at the very least, the gauche youngsters of our proud nation?

Thankfully Richard, Neil and Padraig of Little Atoms are already on the case.

Magnaminously casting aside past differences with the pilgrims of Lenin’s Tomb, they highlight the following campaign begun (and apparently ended) by one Lafayette Senacherib in the comments boxes of said blog:

[Regarding the indecent Little Atoms radio show:]

If you like this sort of thing, then you might also like to write to the wonderful Resonance FM (part of central London only) to ask them to take a show called ‘Little Atoms’ off the air, or at very least to point out that they are engaging in duplicity here and ask them to change the name and description of the show to ‘ the far right neo-liberal zionist opportunist scumbags pretending to be a pro-war left(there’s no such thing) show’. Have a look at their listing on the Res FM website – you’ll find the show described as a defence of science, Enlightenment values and secularism from a progressive left viewpoint. You’ll find Aardvarkovitch features prominently on the site which is a clue. What they actually promote is ‘Euston manifesto’ sinister wankology featuring right-wing feminists and all the rest of the slimy crowd – Nick Cohen is a hero; Chomsky, Galloway etc are the enemy and the world (especially Israel of course) is in danger from the deranged hordes of Islam. Yeuch!! The rest of the stuff on ResFM is so good and this is so bad. Maybe they’ve got to have it for ‘balance’ but they could at least call it what it is, Gauche youngsters could be fooled by this for a while. Help stamp this out!
– Lafayette Senacherib

The address for letters is;

Resonance FM
9 Denmark Street,


A far right neo-liberal zionist opportunist scumbag

Quite right too.

Just a shame their interview with James Randi has eaten up all their bandwidth for this month. I’m assured normal service will resume in a week or so.

A hat-tip second-removed to publicansdecoy for wading through the swamp to find this particular gem.

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