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One of Britain’s top tourist attractions?


Yes (according to the Belfast Telegraph anyway.)

Visits to Belfast’s sectarian murals are such a money-spinner that even Bobby Sands is being turned into an unlikely advertising star

Not everybody is happy however. As “Ellis” points out on tour site Peaceline

When I see the Belfast tour buses stopping at the Murals around the city I understand that foreigners are interested and facinated by a culture so very different their own. I am very disturbed, though, when I see people standing next to murals getting their picture taken. This seems to glorify what the murals portray. Murals in Belfast are not just historical images of what has happened, and what is happening now in the city. They are also encouragments and blatent non-verbal ways of telling the communities who is in control of the area. New paramilitary murals are continuing to be painted with the obvious encouragment of tourists. It’s disturbing and disgusting. Children are growing up in the middle of these images thinking that they are good, right, and the guns and balaclavas are the only way to deal with opposition.

I can’t see myself going to Ireland to look at murals. The booze and the music might just do it though. What do you think? Would you go?

The Daily Telegraph has the full list of things to do in Britain. “Enjoy Glastonbury?” Not in this lifetime mate!