Secular Motion

“Religious belief is a choice… People should be free to choose the political system that they desire to live under. Exhortations to topple secular governments and replace them with a religious state are erroneous… Separation of religion and state, with neither interfering in the other’s domain, is the ideal…”

Yes, it’s obvious and you’ve heard that before, probably from me – or Benjamin Franklin, Betrand Russell, Richard Dawkins, The National Secular Society, Rowen Atkinson, of even possibly from a Church of England bishop… ;-)

But you might be surprised to hear that those were some of the chief points in a speech by an Iranian cleric. Sheikh Mohammed Kazem al-Khaqani. Peter Tatchell tells the story on Comment is Free.

Also over at Comment is Free – on a similar topic – Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association highlights the risks to the non-religious in this country.

In a secular country like Britain what have the non-religious got to complain about? Quite a lot, says Andrew.