Anti Fascism

Dialogue With Islam is a Hizb ut Tahrir Front Organisation

Hizb ut Tahrir is a clerical fascist movement which seeks to create a Caliphate in which – according to its Constitution – women are to be segregated and disqualified from holding judicial or “ruling” positions, apostates are to be executed, and in which the rights non-muslims who are elected to the Islamic “parliament” “is confined to their voicing of complaints in respect to unjust acts performed by the rulers or the misapplication of Islam upon them. The Danish spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir has been jailed twice: most recently in September, for giving out leaflets which urged Muslims to fight in Iraq and urging readers to “exterminate your rulers if they stand in your way”

Given the vicious nature of their politics, Hizb ut Tahrir are rightly shunned by mainstream politicians and public figures.

This is why Hizb ut Tahrir now operates through a variety of front organisations.

The latest incarnation is an outfit called “Dialogue with Islam“. The chap who organises Dialogue claimed on Pickled Politics last year that it was not a Hizb ut Tahrir front organisation:

This is a not a religious or political organisation. but a Neutral and independent platform. The aim is to faciilate dialogue between islam and the west.

I am a layman with respect to Islam and I certainly dont belong to HT nor do I study with them or go to their lectures.

We have Islamic speakers on the platform for all sides of the Islamic spectrum .

I don’t believe him.

Here is a list of Dialogue’s recent events. Hizb ut Tahrir activists – usually not billed as such – are featured in the majority of these meetings.

Their meeting on “The Veil” featured Ibtihal Bsis who is a Hizb activist.
Their meetings on “Poverty” and “Dealing With the Aftermath of 911 and 7/7” featured Jamal Harwood, who is also a Hizb activist.
Their meetings on “Muslim Grievance” and the “War on Terror” featured Akmal Asghar who is a Hizb activist.
Their meeting on the question of Media Bias featured Dr. Imran Waheed, who is a Hizb activist.
Their meeting on “Muslim Integration” featured Taji Mustafa Fombo who is a Hizb activist.
Their meeting on Middle Eastern Democracy featured Jamal Okae, who is a Hizb activist.
Their meetings on “Faith Schools” and “Family Values” featured Dr. Abdul Wahid who is on the executive committee of Hizb ut Tahrir.

Tomorrow’s event – a colloquium on the Iraq War – features Sajjad Khan, who is billed as a Hizb ut Tahrir member. That is unusual. You normally have to google the names to find out that they’re HuTters. And you need to know that magazines like Salaam and New Civilisation (the “new” civilisation in question being a 7th century Caliphate) are organs of Hizb ut Tahrir.

What is odd about these events is that they all feature respectable speakers, who share a platform with the Hizb speakers. Friday’s meeting has Lord Tim Garden, the Former Assistant Chief of Defence Staff, and Philip Stephens, Associate Editor of the Financial Times. It is chaired by Rachel Briggs, of Demos.

Hizb ut Tahrir should be congratulated. The sort of respectability that these events bestow upon this organisation remain a pipe dream for other British fascist political parties.