The disturbing Pat Dollard

A reminder, if anyone needs it, that there are extremely disturbing supporters as well as opponents of the Iraq war.

Although the original article isn’t online, Peter Carlson in The Washington Post describes a piece in the March issue of Vanity Fair about a character named Pat Dollard.

After his fourth wife left him because she got upset about his hobbies, which included cocaine and hookers, Hollywood agent/producer Pat Dollard decided to get his head together by flying to Iraq to hang out with Marines and fight insurgents and film a pro-war documentary that would make him “the Michael Moore of the right.”

A few weeks later, he sent his Hollywood pals a photo of himself with a Mohawk haircut, a machine gun and the word DIE shaved into his chest hair. After that, things started to get weird.

Dollard, 42, admits all this stuff — and much, much more! — in a wonderfully bizarre profile… It’s the strange story, writes author Evan Wright, of how “a confessed whore-loving, alcoholic, coked-out Hollywood agent” became “the great hope of conservative America.”

It’s vital to keep in mind that there is a world of difference between pathetic thrill-seeking egomaniacs like Dollard (who has certainly done the cause of freedom and democracy in Iraq more harm than good) and decent idealists like Mark Daily, Andrea Parhamovich and Fern Holland— just as there’s a difference between George Galloway and the many thoughtful and reasonable opponents of the Iraq invasion.

I suspect if Galloway and Dollard ever got together, they would find they had a good deal in common.

However I fear that a few of our commenters would consider Dollard a role model. I hope they’ll disabuse me of that.

Update: In fairness to Dollard, you can see his version of himself here.