Dress Down Friday

I love Stephin Merritt

This is why:

For more on Stephin, there is this and this.

Now go buy 69 Love Songs.

Graham Adds

From a rather grumpy man from the prosperous west to an hilariously funny one from a troubled region. Ah Sarajevo, good to see you smiling again.

I have long been looking for something which may offend just about everybody – so here is Bosnian “performance artist” (why can’t these mittleuropeans ever just be singers?) Damir Niksic with his version of a familiar song.

What do you think of cover versions anyway? What do you reckon is the best cover version ever? Give us your suggestion and we will put the best ones up. And if you are tempted for more Niksic, check youtube for his song living in a boogeyland” in which he drives round town in a Citroen 2CV dressed in arab costume, blackfaced, and waving a white-flag (and why not indeed?)