Weed all about it!

It seems David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, was once a drug user. Well, that’s one way of putting it. Another would be to say that he did a little puff at Eton over a quarter of a century ago.

As an arch-Blairite, I hope the press hound him onto a confession which results in his position becoming untenable and we are treated to the only event that happens more frequently than a DFS sale: a Tory leadership contest.

Except I don’t. I hope Cameron sticks to his guns and continues to demand that politicians – yes, even politicians – have a right to a private past. I hope that for once, the press don’t ‘get their man’ and the way this plays out reflects the feelings of the vast majority of people in this country rather than piss-poor editors of agenda-setting rags who confuse ‘gossip’ with ‘news’, and ‘tittle-tattle’ with ‘journalism’.