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Angry Violent Poujadist

In the last three days, three letter bombs have exploded, injuring a total of four workers at

– Capita (which runs London’s congestion charge system),

– Vantis (an accountancy firm linked to Speed Check Services, the provider of digital speed cameras to the police)

– the DVLA in Swansea.

I hope that the bomber is caught quickly, and punished to the utmost extent of the law.

I’m just waiting for the editorial in the Daily Mail which explains how, at this time of great stress to the Motoring Community, it is important for us not so much to condemn, but to understand the terrible pressures which must have driven a car driver to come to believe that he (or she) had no alternatives but to attempt maim, at random, four employees. I wonder if we’ll see calls for the Government to end the spiral of violence, by talking urgently to the representatives of the Motoring Community with a view to seeing how their justifiable demand to discontinue the Congestion Charge can be met.

And I’m waiting for a spokesman for the AA to theorise that, in fact, the letter bombs were sent by the Government, in a false flag operation, as a cover for installing more speed cameras.


Satire becomes reality:

“Nigel Humphries, from the Association of British Drivers, told BBC Radio Five Live he was “appalled” by what appeared to be linked attacks.

“In fact, it makes us feel a bit guilty that we haven’t campaigned hard enough on the legitimate front against the things that we oppose, to do with criminalising and bullying motorists, and because of our failure to campaign hard enough, somebody’s had to resort to this.”

(via RobS)