Second Time as Farce

Hugo Chavez was sworn in as President of Venezuela today.

In a move which will be welcomed in thousands of study bedrooms around the world he took the opportunity to out himself as a bona fide Trot:

Mr Chavez…announced he would nationalise key businesses, declared himself a Trotskyist and cited the ideas of Marx and Lenin.

Next stop the dictatorship of the proletariat as represented by Chavez himself:

He has also called on the National Assembly to give him the power to rule by decree

Very democratic, I’m sure.

“In this ‘permanent revolution’ we are in for endless surprises,” he says.

Kronstadt ahoy.

Assassin of the workers.jpg

Update: They’re getting excited at the news in the comments over at Dave’s Part.

Chavez a Trot?

Brilliant news, I’ll start preparing a blog post to condemn his very next action as either ‘ultra-left adventurism’ or ‘vapid centrism’.

Gene adds: Nope. No effort to create a personality cult or pave the way for one-man rule here.

swearing in.jpg

chavez claps.jpg