Other people talking about us

From the (gulp) News of the World blog:

People of my parents’ generation all remember where they were when they heard that President Kennedy had been shot. My generation, on the other hand, all knows what it was doing when it heard that George Galloway was going on Celebrity Big Brother. I was sitting at my computer, reading left-wing blog Harry’s Place. If you enjoy reading lefties fighting amongst themselves, this is the place to go.

And this from Roger Gathman’s blog Limited, Inc.:

But when LI wants to drink a refreshing draught of moonlit struck water – to frolic among the truly politically confused – we go to Harry’s Place. The site has continued the most fascinating experiment, dressing up a Thatcherite politics in the ragged language of the most bogus New Left doctrines. At Harry’s Place, Iraq was never occupied, it was liberated. By comrades! comrades one and all.

To which commenter J Alva Scruggs replies:

I’d forgotten Harry’s Place. You what they’re doing, Roger? They’re the political equivalent of men who pretend to be queer, in order to attract fag hags.

I think I understand the bit about pretending to be queer (i.e., pretending to be leftwing). But who are the metaphorical fag hags we’re trying to attract?