The left boot of imperialism?

The mysterious pro-Saddam website uruknet is in full mourning and high dudgeon.

I haven’t had the time or the stomach to read all the tributes and apologias for the late and disgusting tyrant, but of special interest is this piece by Kola Odetola (with an introduction by Les Blough of Axis of Logic) entitled “The western anti war movement – the left boot of imperialism?”

It seems the answer is (gulp) yes– which is kind of disappointing, since I always thought we were the left boot of imperialism. But according to Odetola, the antiwar movement’s failure to howl in outrage over Saddam’s “lynching” demonstrates its complicity with the forces of evil.

In his introduction, Blough says the larger antiwar movement– “owned and operated by the empire”– has “sabotaged the efforts of solid organizations like Ramsey Clark’s International Action Center and the Troops Out Now coalition.” And indeed, the IAC did call the masses out into the streets to protest the execution.

(Blough, incidentally, is a former fundamentalist Christian from Bob Jones University, which just goes to reinforce a point we’ve made here before about ideological extremes.)

But what of George Galloway? In his statement on the Respect website, he condemns the execution while managing neither to praise nor condemn Saddam himself. However he noted that the “Iraqi resistance”– which he has frequently glorified– “said the execution would be be met with swift and terrible vengeance, exacted ‘everywhere’.”

Did he say any more on his radio show?