The Left

Germany’s pro-Israel Left

Haaretz reports on the “pro-Israel radical left” in Leipzig, Germany– including the antideutsche, whom we’ve posted about here before.

I’m still not sure what to make of these folks. Yes, I know the horrible history of German nationalism. But I’m not really comfortable with a movement that rejects the idea of German nationality while supporting Jewish nationality. It’s uncomfortably similar to those who support, say, Palestinian national rights while opposing national rights for the Jews. And the notion that Israel is above criticism from Germans because of the Holocaust is silly. As a supporter of Israel, I’m more at ease with people who recognize and criticize Israel’s mistakes and flaws while standing with it against those who want to destroy it.

But to the extent that they mystify and infuriate Israel’s enemies on the “anti-imperialist” Left, they have my support.


(Hat tip: Classless at the Popinjays.)

Update: I take the points of some commenters who have harsher criticism of the antideutsche. But it’s hard not to feel a twinge of sympathy with people who wave Israeli flags in the faces of those calling for Israel’s destruction. I hope at least some of the people in this movement will eventually develop more serious and realistic ideas about Germany, Israel, Milosevic, etc.