Listing to port

According to the Tories the Twelve key Britons who everyone should know all about are:

Saint Columba, Alfred the Great, Henry II, Simon de Montfort, James IV of Scotland, Thomas Gresham, Oliver Cromwell, Isaac Newton, Robert Clive, Sir Robert Peel, Millicent Fawcett and Nye Bevan…

There are women, Scots, socialists and people with foreign-sounding names on that list. Someone ought to have taken Captain Mainwaring, (sorry, David Cameron) aside and asked him if he really thinks it is wise to induce high blood pressure amongst his ageing party membership during the season of brandy and stirrup-cups.

The Times Is already moaning about the omission of Winnie and Thatch.

Still there is Clive of India for the PC types I suppose and Ollie C for the puritans.

But Nye Bevan?


Anyway, who do you think that everyone living on this “precious stone set in the silver sea” really needs to know about, and why?