“Cease fire”

Since a “cease fire” was declared last month, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have fired more than 50 Qassam rockets into Israel. As part of a policy of restraint, Israel has not, as of this post, retaliated.

On Sunday evening, a Qassam struck near a nursery school in Sderot. (There were no injuries, but one doesn’t have to guess what could have happened if it had struck the next morning.) Israel did not retaliate for that. On Monday morning a Qassam rocket fired from Gaza struck Ashkelon, causing damage to several buildings in the southern port city. Again, no retaliation from Israel.

On Tuesday, a Qassam injured two teen-aged boys in Sderot, one of them critically. This may mean the end of Israel’s restraint.

I wanted to get this on the record before the usual suspects accuse Israel of breaking the “cease fire,” of aggressively overreacting, of provoking the Palestinians, of continuing the “cycle of violence,” etc., etc.