Dress Down Friday

God rest you merry mental men


What is it about the last few days before Christmas which puts people on such a a short fuse? I’ve seen three fights between strangers in shopping areas already, and I haven’t even bought the Turkey yet.

Admittedly this is South London and as we all know, civilisation ends halfway across London bridge, but although actual figures are hard to find, many websites are keen to tell us of the perils of Xmas violence: especially for some reason in Australia, where The Telegraph suggests that:

Pushing, shoving, pulling hair, yelling and screaming … all of those things which are part of family violence are unacceptable.’

Even more so, they might add, in the queue for the fish-counter at Sainsburys….

Still it could be worse, (could be Scotland) where the kids have taken to assaulting Santa with pies….

If you fancy bemoaning the lack of religion Shelina is running a story suggesting that:

Only 44% of children aged 7 to 11 believe that Christmas is about Christ, according to a survey carried out by Childwise for the BBC.

While I’m here I’d also like to have a moan about Christmas presents. I don’t actually want or need anything, but Mrs Graham is insisting on buying me a watch, which, as I never wear one, will end up with all the other expensive unused junk in a draw marked “charity shop – June.” Truly it is really much more fun to give than to receive.

Anyway what do you want for Xmas? Feel free to use this thread as a useful last-minute “hint” to the “significant other” (then tell them they’ve got to read it thus ensuring you wake to find that Aston Martin on the driveway.)

Anyway that’s my Christmas moan, whats yours? I’ll be quite happy come Sunday night when the madness ends and I can settle down with several bottles of London Pride

A Merry Christmas to one and all.

Ho Ho Ho.

Gene adds: Even if you don’t celebrate the day, George Orwell’s “As I Please” column from December 20, 1946, is always nice to read this time of year.

And Season’s Greetings from me too.