CiF Blogger Vote

The four finalists for The Guardian‘s Comment Is FreeBlogger of the Year” are:

Peter Tatchell: “He’s the only one that gives a damn about what we think.”
Sunny Hundal: “For being a very decent chap”
Conor Foley: “His participation in the threads is an example to others”
Dave Hill: “Superb writer and social commentator”

The comments that follow their names were selected from the many nominations by the CiF editorial team.

Peter and Sunny are well known to readers of Harry’s Place and I’ve greatly enyoyed reading both their postings over the last year.

Conor and Dave – I’m afraid to say I haven’t paid them much attention, though having had a quick scan through some of their recent posts, I think they’re both very interesting and constructive bloggers – though I don’t agree with Conor Foley’s stance on Darfur.

Voting closes at noon on Friday, so vote now!