UK Politics

Living political heroes

The BBC’s ‘Politics Show’ is running a poll for your living political heroes. Nominations are sadly closed, but here is the list of the great and the good they came up with for you to vote for.

Tony Benn
Neil Kinnock
Alex Salmond
Clare Short
Norman Tebbit
Margaret Thatcher
Shirley Williams

Notice anything at all? That’s right the leader of the Labour Party, Tony Blair, who is one of Britain’s most successful Prime Minister’s is not on the list. A place for Margaret Thatcher, who is technically still living, but not for Blair.

No Ken Livingstone for that matter, as someone else has pointed out in the comments. No matter what you think of him, he is a longtime political force in British politics. He even recently apologised to Jewish leaders at the launch of the London Jewish Forum at City Hall:

“Finally, if I’ve caused any offense to anyone in the past, I apologize, it was never my intention. It was never a calculated intention to cause offence, as Rabbi Pinter, a member of the LJF steering committee, said, ‘He’s not anti-Semitic, he’s just very rude.'”

Not to worry you can vote for Alex Salmond or Neil Kinnock if you fancy who might have reformed the Labour Party, and did very well for himself on the gravy train to Brussels, but is best known for losing elections and making an arse of himself in cheesy party political broadcasts.

Apparently according to the ‘Politics Show’ website “Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion. Nominations have now closed, they’ve been whittled down to a shortlist of seven, and now we want you to vote on them. So who will take the coveted title of Politics Show political hero?”

Errr who cares, but should you then the show is back on Sunday January 14.