Home and Away

The BBC reminds us that almost one in ten of the UK born population live outside the country.

Top of the list of countries playing host to such emigrants is Australia playing host to 1.3 million whinging poms.

Bottom of the top ten list is France with only 200,000 resident ‘rosbifs’.

I suspect that a fair proportion of such people are retirees who realise they can collect their pension anywhere in the globe and have decided to swap the high property prices, poor weather and jam-packed roads of this sceptered isle for the cheaper houses, better climate, and stress free transport of ‘abroad’.

I can certainly see why people who no longer have to commute to the site of their wage slavery every day might prefer Sydney, Aix en Provence or Cape Town to the green space free Tufnell Park or ‘bonnie’ Dundee.

I’d be interested to know if any commenters have plans to retire abroad. Where and why?