Vote Tube!

Walkin’ among our people
There’s someone who’s straight and strong
To lead us from desolation
And a broken world gone wrong …

sings Neil Young on his latest album “Living With War” – which, if you haven’t heard it, you can, for free, on his website.

But, that’s not my point… well it is but only in a rather oblique way.

TIME Magazine has a poll on it’s website asking:

Who Should Be Person of the Year?

And what a sorry list of candidates it is

– George W. Bush
– Condoleezza Rice
– Kim Jong Il
– Al Gore
– Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
– Hugo Chavez
– Nancy Pelosi
– The YouTube Guys

Is THAT what the world has to chose from?

Who the hell is Nancy Pelosi anyway? She look’s nice enough, I guess. She has a “long family tradition of public service” apparently – well, so Google tells me anyway. I resent having to google a candidate for “Person Of The Year”, quite honestly.

(As an aside, I couldn’t help wondering if the PR people who write politician’s bios these days deliberately chose the expression “family tradition” because of its resonance with “traditional family (values)” which so dominate US political discourse.)

Anyhow, having to choose between morons, murderers, criminals, dictators and their “enablers” (another mysterious word unique to US politics, but which seems to fit)… and Al Gore.. and the anonymous “YouTube Guys”.

I say, vote for the YouTube guys. At least they’re useful, and not idiots.

And if that isn’t enough reason to vote for them, I am reliably informed that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is currently far in the lead with almost a third of the vote. Is the Iranian Secret Police voting in relays, or is there genuinely affection for this women-murdering, gay hanging, trade-union torturing butcher?


David T adds

If you’re in a voting mood, why not vote for Moz as Greatest Living British Icon, in the BBC poll.

I’m told that Sir Macca Thumb-aloft is in the lead, and we can’t have that!