I’ve just discovered, via the wonders of Wikipedia, that Tony Robinson, my favourite presenter of popular archaelogy programmes ever, was an old boy of my primary school.

There’s no reason to be particularly proud of this. But it is nice to think that somebody I rather like skinned his knees on the same tarmac I did.

wardytron adds:

I can’t match that, but in secondary school I was in the same class for 5 years as matinee hearthrob Hollywood screen goddess Jonny Lee Miller, grandson of Bernard Lee who played M in all the good Bond films, and former husband of Angelina Jolie. It would be tempting and easy to be nasty about him, but he was a really nice bloke so I won’t. Neither of my grandfathers ever appeared, to my knowledge, on film – I don’t think they had CCTV back then – and Angelina Jolie has never agreed to marry me, but it’s such a relief to see that in this picture he’s thinning a bit on top, whereas I’m not.