Autumn GHQ now out!

GHQ4.jpgIt’s shameless plug time again. The Autumn edition of GHQ is now available for free download from the Gay Humanist Quarterly website. It is a PDF a smidgen over 2mb.

In this edition, there is an interview with long-standing GALHA secretary, George Broadhead on the occasion of his National Secular Society Lifetime Achievement Award, and an article about a project that demonstrated that ‘traditional marriage’ isn’t necessary the in the ‘tradition’ that some think it is – by reconstructing the medieval Church’s same-sex blessing ceremonies.

There is a primer on Hizb ut Tahrir’s unsavoury constitution and Peter Tatchell writes about why he whiffs hypocrisy in those who do not want their religious beliefs ‘offended’.

In an op-ed, I explain why I think that some gay Muslims are misguided in their assumptions about other faiths, particularly when attempting to draw parallels with their experience of religious homophobia.

Terry Sanderson reviews the life and art of Marlene Dietrich and Tony Challis reports back from the Edinburgh Festival.

Warren Allen Smith provides gossip from across the pond, while Brian Miller dissects the recent US elections while noting that both the Republicans & the Democrats use cynical homophobia as an election ploy.

And of course, the usual round-up of news, views and reviews, blasphemy, sacrilege and godlessness in this “certified 100% faith free” quarterly.

PS: If you ever wondered what evangelical preacher George Hargreaves produced in his former life as a writer of disco anthems, or you’re curious about what newbie Scientologists are told in their ‘orientation’ programme – or you just want to see the miracle of Jesus appearing in a dog’s bottom… then you’ll find details enclosed.