Roller skating spam

I recently received the following email spam. It marked a refreshing change from the usual Viagra/”male enhancement”/deceased-African-dictator bank transfer stuff:


About 6 months ago, Mapmuse.com began a project- the interactive mapping of roller skating rinks across the US. Since that time, roller skating enthusiasts have made hundreds of additions to our maps. A typical entry includes the name of a skating rink, a description, a photo, contact information, and a link to a website. We now have one of the most comprehensive databases of roller skating rinks in the US. If you were one of our contributers, we’d like to thank you for your help!

If you know of any roller skating rinks that are new or have closed in the last 6 months, I am writing to ask that you update that information on the maps. Also, if we are missing your favorite rink, please feel free to add it.

If you own or manage a roller skating rink, you also may want to consider our new option of a premium listing at $10/ year. This listing has all of the features of the free listing, as well as an enhanced map presence, a text link beneath the map, and more photos.

You can read about both of these options, and make changes, through easy to use links on the site- if you have any problems, see http://find.mapmuse.com/re1/mmFAQ.htm#A4 .

The Roller skating rinks Map link follows:

If you are not familiar with MapMuse.com, we are a highly trafficked mapping website with an Alexa traffic rating of approximately 17,000 in the world. MapMuse’s goal is to help people find places related to their interests.

Lastly, if you have a roller skating related blog or website, a link or a mention would be greatly appreciated.


Cindy Jett
1326 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

Now here are a few essential facts about me and roller skating:

1. I do not now, nor have I ever, owned or managed or been employed by a roller skating rink.

2. As best I recall I have skated at roller rinks only twice in my life, and the last time was decades ago.

3. I was an enthusiastic roller skater as a kid, but strictly of the street-and-sidewalk kind. And that was in the days when outdoor skates were clunky four-wheeled metal contraptions that you attached to your shoes with a key you wore around your neck.

4. I was about to say I have never posted about roller skating at Harry’s Place or anywhere else on the web, but I checked; and it seems that in June of last year I proposed a “roller skating test” for determining freedom of expression in different countries.

So was (4) enough to get me on someone’s roller-skating-rink spam list? And will this post get me on still more such lists?