Jackie Danicki Attacked

Some of you will know Jackie. She is looking for assistance in identifying this fellow, who assaulted her on the 24th November at the southbound Bakerloo line platform at Baker Street.

This is what happened:

The kid in the picture above doesn’t look very harmful, right? He’s reasonably well-dressed, anyway. But actually, he is quite a large fellow, and likes to assault random women with the help of an equally vile friend of his.

I’ve just spent hours with the police (after a nearly two hour wait to actually see a police officer), telling and re-telling every detail of what happened to me today, and I’m in no mood to blog it all. What I will say is this to my female readers: Don’t be fooled into thinking that, just because you’re minding your own business, some punk isn’t going to decide you need messing with. Sadly, scumbags like this have no problem with launching unprovoked attacks on women. If you dare to wear something as revealing as a pair of Levi’s and a long winter coat, you may not only be physically assaulted but have names like “slut” and “whore” screamed at you on a crowded Tube platform. About fifteen minutes of assault and abuse may pass before anyone watching this happen will say a word, or do anything to otherwise intervene.