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Free Mansour Osanloo

LabourStart has an online petition demanding the release of Tehran bus workers’ union leader Mansour Osanloo, who was rearrested earlier this week.

mansour osanloo.jpg

In other news from Iran:

…Mahmoud Salehi, the former President of the Bakery Workers’ Association of the city of Saqez and a co-founder of the Coordinating Committee to Form Worker’s Organization, has been sentenced to 4 years imprisonment. Jalal Hosseini, a labour activist in the city of Saqez and an executive board member of the Coordinating Committee to Form Worker’s Organization in the Western Iran, was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. Borhan Divargar, another labour activists arrested on May Day 2004, was earlier sentenced to two years in prison. The initial arrests and the final charges against the above labour activists were made in connection with their attempts to participate in May Day 2004 celebration in Saqez.