Dress Down Friday

Worth it?

Would any of our readers wait outside a store for four days and risk life and limb to pay up to $600 for a PlayStation 3?

mad dash.JPG

If so, why? If not, is there any other product for which you would do?

Update: It seems good old-fashioned profiteering was at least as much of a motive as fanatic devotion to game-playing:

The ability to make a quick $2,000 or more by selling PlayStations on the Internet caused profiteers to join gaming enthusiasts in the long lines and tent cities that popped up outside stores this week.

One man who camped out for three days at a Rockville Best Buy store said Thursday night that he was looking forward to getting some cash in return for the console.

“It’s like a vacation, but I’m getting paid,” said Olney resident Woody Hill, who was fourth in line. Others in line estimated that 5 percent of their ranks would keep their PS3s.