West Lothian Redux

Watch out: there’s going to be a vicious battle for the votes of lefties in Scotland soon.

It’s our old chums George Galloway and Tommy Sheridan again. Experienced veloci-litigator Galloway has clearly recovered from his recent travails and raising his nostrils to the air has detected the odour of seriously wounded prey five hundred miles to the North.

According to the Times Galloway doesn’t want to see Tommy’s considerable personal following evaporating if Sheridan has to get used to prison food.

“If Tommy gets charged then Respect will stand in Scotland,” said a source close to Galloway. “Tommy has long been George’s friend and will continue to be a friend, whatever happens, but if Tommy gets charged then that’s Solidarity dead and the most well-known person to lead the Respect campaign in central Scotland is obviously George.

“You have to look at where the votes might come from and where the SSP and Solidarity are not getting those.”

That’s all very well – but where does this leave English Socialist Workers Party members who are in Respect and their Scottish counterparts who are in Solidarity?

The recent cognitive confusion in Respect over membership numbers is going to seem like the good old days if a Trot version of the fechtin’ Jocks and Geordies is the end result of this story.

Hat tip: Tim

Sheridan and Galloway.jpg