Dress Down Friday

Great Lost Bands of the Past (part 1)

Ah, put away your veils and come back with me to a time when policemen only asked to be transferred when they felt they were not getting the chance to beat up enough black youths.

Here is the great lost band of ’77 that nobody has ever heard of: The Boys. It’s a track from their second album by which time they had gone a bit poppy (but it is all youtube had-and I have always been a sucker for a bit of power-pop anyway.) If you like “the Jam, the Damned, the Clash” as Mr Marley put it, and you ever get the chance to hear their first album (now available in a remastered version here) then don’t miss out, as it stands up to anything released at the height of punk rock.

What’s that you say? “Rubbish?” OK tell us about a band that should have made it big and didn’t then, or talk about what you like, it is Friday after all.