The truth on Sudan: it’ll cost you

George Galloway is telling “the truth on Sudan.”

Unfortunately, the truth is hidden behind a subscriber-only firewall at The Morning Star website.

Judging from available evidence, the truth seems to have something to do with Western imperialists lusting after Sudan’s oil and using the genocide in Darfur (or non-genocide, as Galloway assures us) as an excuse to get into the country and start pumping it out of the ground.

But any Morning Star subscribers should feel free to set us straight.

Disturbingly Yellow is doing an excellent job of tracking Galloway’s disordered thoughts about Sudan and Darfur on his radio show. Galloway is promising to broadcast his show from Khartoum, where no doubt he will have even more access to the truth from Sudanese government offcials. No word about a visit to Darfur itself, or to the refugee camps in Chad.