UK Politics

Dead on.

Finally, Labour are to organise in Northern Ireland.

Senior Labour party officials have agreed to allow their members in Northern Ireland to organise politically.

Local trade unionist and party member Andy McGivern, a long-time campaigner on the issue, said it was a significant step forward.

“What it means is that we will have an input into the policy-making decisions of the party,” he said.

“Certainly, that is something that has never been the case for anyone in Northern Ireland.

“We couldn’t influence policy, we couldn’t influence ministers. Now we will be able to do so.”

It’s a disgrace it has taken this long, but at least we’re on the way.

The details of the latest agreement will have to be put to an internal Labour committee and will not be published until October

It is understood, however, that Labour will set up a local forum in Northern Ireland once 200 members have joined.

The forum will have the right to send delegates to the Labour conference and submit motions for debate.

The agreement doesn’t cover Labour fighting elections in Northern Ireland, but I’m hopeful that will come.

Great news. It’ll be a couple of pints of the right stuff for me tonight as I watch Liverpool take apart Galatasaray.