Plus Ca Change

Dave Osler takes a trip down memory lane:

When I first arrived in London as a young student in September 1981, the capital was of course in the grip of a bombing campaign mounted by religiously-inspired terrorists.

In the Middle East, there was a growing insurgency in Afghanistan, while Iran was under the sway of a charismatic leader hostile to US interests. A Muslim had just tried to assassinate the Pope, while the following year, Israel was to launch a brutal offensive on southern Lebanon.

Back at home, the Labour Party was on the path to losing the next election, despite the unpopularity of the Conservatives, while the far left was splintered to the point where it lacked all credibility with the working class.

Yes, those certainly were the days.

Whether the pop music has improved over the quarter decade I wouldn’t like to say. Here’s what was in the charts when Osler was bopping around the fresher’s fayre in his black leather jacket.