“Mixed Feelings”

Have you been following the “Dancing Slags” terror trial that has been going on at the Old Bailey?

This testimony from defendant, Omar Khyam is choice:

I was happy that America had been hit because of what it represented against the Muslims, but obviously 3,000 people died so there were mixed feelings

[The Taliban] were amazing people … They loved Allah very much. This is how an Islamic state should be.”

On a similar note, this bloke who carried out the shooting murders in a Montreal school, has been named as Kimveer Gill.

His family background was Sikh: although his subcultural identity was – according to this this report – that of a death-obsessed blogging goth, of the same ilk as the ColumbineTrenchcoat Mafia“.

I’ve been thinking for a bit, that minus the self-aggrandising claim to religious authenticity and political perfectionism, the culture of jihadism is not dissimilar to that of death-obsessed blogging goths.

Check out the photos, for example.

UPDATE: Full pictures of Gill here (via Tim Blair)