Orange says Red Harry is Blue

pdacock.jpgA regular reader has just emailed to say that he tried to visit Harry’s Place on his Orange Mobile PDA phone and got this message:

“Your request has been actioned and the content is confirmed as only suitable for customers over the age of 18. URL:”

He has been advised that if he wants to visit Harry’s Place, he needs to visit an
Orange store with his ID and proof that he is over 18.

Apparently it’s blocked by default, and, he complains, “I normally read it on the train to work, but I have to now jump through hoops to get it switched back on.”

Stanger still, he says “It’s literally the only site which was blocked too. I was able to get to transparently obvious porn like” (see below).


[Please note that in the interests of keeping work-safe and not offending Orange customers, certain content in the illustration above has been substituted with pictures of Mary Whitehouse and puppies.]

So, for those readers who do take the trouble to fight to get Harry’s Place restored by Orange Mobile, here are some cock, breast and snuff pictures to make it worth your while…