Blood Price

Kitty Ussher, MP for Burnley isn’t happy about Labour Party foreign policy:

She said that the Muslim community in Burnley was asking why its blood seemed cheaper than that of Jews and Christians, and that much of the work done since Iraq to persuade Muslims that they were not being persecuted had been wasted.

Shuggy has been giving the price of blood some thought:

An honest answer to this rhetorical question would have to include the observation that ‘Muslim blood’ has no fixed price but varies according to who is shedding it.

Christians shedding Muslim blood provokes outrage, although this too can vary. It is a much more serious matter, for example, if the ‘Christians’ in question are American rather than Serbian.

But of course this is nothing like as grevious than the most serious of all – this being the context of the article – when it is Muslim lives being taken by Jews.

On the other hand, Muslim lives being taken by other Muslims isn’t anything like as serious. The pro-Nasrallah ‘left’, for example, are not only a little less than – how to put this delicately? – forthcoming in their condemnation of Jewish civilian casualties; they seem unpeturbed by the fact that Arab Israelis were also amongst the victims of Hizbollah’s rocket attacks.