Summer GHQ out now

Shameless self-promotion time again…

The summer edition of Gay Humanist Quarterly, the magazine I edit when I’m not pontificating here and elsewhere, is now available.

It can be downloaded (free) as a PDF… or you can subscribe and receive the print edition.

Issues covered in this edition include: the butchering of gay, lesbian and transgender people at the hands of Islamist militias in Iraq; the on-going persecution of gays in Iran a year after the hanging of two teens in Mashhad; the failure of the High Court challenge of the government’s policy of not recognising foreign same-sex marriages; the general uselessness of the Democratic Party in the USA on LGBT issues; the dangers of ‘Creationism’ entering UK schools and US-style Televangelism coming to the UK; the attacks on the gay communities of Eastern Europe; Dr Qaradawi’s insights into why Bush won the election; and more news, views and reviews, including Spielberg’s ‘Munich’.

See for a detailed content listing (and to download the mag – or subscribe)

Back-issues are also available as PDF downloads.

As the name suggests. GHQ is published four times a year and covers issues around sexuality, politics, humanism, atheism, liberalism and free thought, particularly (but not exclusively) from a gay and lesbian perspective.

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