Infernal Machines


And so it’s a Happy 25th birthday to the IBM personal computer. It wasn’t the first by a long way but it is certainly true that :

What IBM did 25 years ago, with its entry into the PC world, was create a standard for an entire industry. That brought down prices, which allowed PCs to proliferate in offices and homes.

This machine (or more accurately it’s successors) has brought me friends, enemies and even a little bit of romance. Quite a lot of knowledge, and enormous amounts of frustration (especially when trying to fix things that have gone wrong.)

Is it possible to imagine what the world would have been like without it?

And what, I wonder, can we expect from the next 25 years?


In celebration,“PC World” magazine produces it’s list of “the top 25 computers of all time”. (and certain Guardian journalists would have you believe it is us bloggers who are nerdy list makers!)