War etc

Briars Under Fire


Living in times of conflict can be tough at best, and far from a laughing matter: Although it’s true that they aren’t, quite, on the front line, The Pipe Club of Lebanon people seem more less seem to have the right idea.
Stepping back, continuing with life, maintaining old hobbies, and a wee bit of intellectual reflection on the situation and precedents, and so on.

As you probably know, Lebanon has been in a state of war since July 12, and no signs of an impending cease-fire are visible yet.

Many thanks to those who emailed us expressing their sympathy.

On this occasion, the Pipe Club of Lebanon would like to make a call for papers for its second issue of the Journal of the Pipe Club of Lebanon, due September 15, 2006. This issue’s theme will be, appropriately, “War and the Pipesmoker.” Possible ideas are:

Pipesmoking and war

Pipesmoking and conflict situations

Pipesmoking and peace

Stories of pipesmoking in times of war

Pipes surviving wars

The symbolism of the pipe as it relates to conflict situations


Submissions should be between 500 and 1500 words in length, in Word or text format, original (i.e., not published elsewhere), and may contain illustrations/photos (three illustrations/photos maximum, each not larger than 50 Kb). Please send submissions, before September 7, 2006, to .

So, feel free to make (brief-ish) suggestions on the above topics in the comments boxes below, and/or mail the fellows in Beirut with lengthier compositions as requested.

Hat tip: Colombo