Petkoff steps aside

Teodoro Petkoff– a democratic leftist opponent of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela– has dropped out of the presidential race.

Petkoff, a former guerilla leader and editor of the opposition newspaper Tal Cual, answered some questions here last October.

“We will continue in the struggle,” Petkoff said, adding that he would wage a “battle for the democracy and against totalitarianism.”

Venezuelan blogger Daniel Duquenal writes:

The viciousness of the attacks against Teodoro from chavismo… has been impressive. No other candidate besides Teodoro seems to be able to push so many buttons among chavistas. Obviously he holds the mirror in which their failings are crudely reflected and they hate him for that. Not that many on the right were not busy destroying Teodoro’s run, but their viciousness was not equal to the one from chavismo.