London’s pro-fascist rally

Another segment from George Galloway’s speech at the Stop the War Coalition demonstration in London Saturday:

“I am here to glorify the resistance, Hezbollah. I am here to glorify the leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.”

And listen to the crowd. Look at lenin’s breathless account. This wasn’t an antiwar rally; it was a pro-fascist rally.

hezbollah salutes 4.JPG

(The most chilling thing about this Hezbollah ceremony is that it took place just across the border from Israel– the houses in the background are in the northern Israeli town of Metullah. Are people like Galloway even capable of imagining what an elderly Holocaust survivor who happened to glance across the fence might have felt?)

Update: Check out the signs featuring the glorious leader himself.


If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.
–Hassan Nasrallah, quoted in the Lebanon Daily Star, October 2002