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Azzam Tamimi, Hamas’ Special Envoy

I see that my fellow CiF blogger, and Guardian Comment pages regular, Azzam Tamimi, has been named by the Malaysian National News Agency as Hamas’ Special Envoy.

Tamimi has previously only publicly been associated with more respectable Muslim Brotherhood-related operations, including the Muslim Association of Britain and the Institute of Islamic Political Thought. However – perhaps mindful of his responsibilities as a Senior Lecturer at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education – Tamimi usually states that he is merely a “supporter but not a member” of the terrorist organsation.

It is therefore nice to see Tamimi’s role as Hamas’ Special Envoy candidly acknowledged.

You can read Mr Tamimi’s carefully worded Guardian pieces if you’d like to learn a little about his politics. Or, if you’d appreciate a frank and open exposition of his worldview, you could read this Questions and Answers on the Muslim Brotherhood aligned IslamOnline site:

For us Muslims martyrdom is not the end of things but the beginning of the most wonderful of things. In the next life one is in an everlasting bliss while in this life those after him continue to receive inspiration from him. No noble cause dies because of the loss of martyrs that offer their lives for it. The blood of martyrs provides nourishment and sustenance for those who continue the struggle. The cause will always be stronger when more sacrifices are offered.

I wonder what sort of mark in the world the alumni of Azzam Tamimi’s classes at the Markfield Institute will make, after they graduate.

Have a read of this Times article for a little background on that interesting educational institution…


Osama Saeed says that Azzam Tamimi is no longer a Senior Lecturer at the Markfield Institute. Perhaps he would like to update his CV.