Abba Chic


(Well you knew it was coming.)

Time for the Swedes

“Beating England is all that matters at the moment,” says Henrik Larsson. (A man with Scottish connections if I am not very much mistaken.)

Gerrard may be rested. (If so, will Brownie even bother to watch the game?)

Rooney to start? Hargreaves in? Sven’s emotions to amount to anything more than raising both eyebrows simultaneously?

What can I say about the Swedes? I was married to a woman from Orebro once (way back in the mists of time.) She was beautiful, intelligent and even liked the Clash more than me. Then one fateful day we visited the parents……Dad spent the entire day staring at me and making references to how London was full of foreigners (and I don’t think he meant his daughter.)

But that was a long time ago, and I hear the streets of Stockholm are now full of racially-mixed couples holding hands whilst sharing a fermented baltic herring (don’t try this at home.)

Oh yes, what’s the music to be for this game? I am really not “up” on modern Swedish “grooves” and have forgotten all the words to those lively Sami “Jojk’s” that we used to sing and dance to so happily on rainy days in Västerbotten.